JuniorMBA Course

Age group: 12-18

Online program to help your child go beyond academics and build real world skills for success.

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Our counsellors have guided over 25000 parents on helping their child stay ahead.

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98% students said that this was the best online course they’ve taken.

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95% of the children who joined this course reported feeling more confident about making their career choice.

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3000 students certified as JuniorMBA in India since March 2020

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Why do parents love this course?

Best in class curriculum

Course curriculum developed and brought to you by alumni of:

Meet our students

Aishani Lakamsani


“It gave us exactly what we needed to understand the role we want to pursue in the future.”

Nandini Patni


“These courses have made a positive difference in my thought process.”

Akshita Shrivastava


“For the first time I was able to make business models on my own.”


A unique course


Clever Harvey’s proprietary curriculum is based on project-based learning principles and is developed with inputs from academic advisors and industry experts.


The Clever Harvey curriculum uses a “C-C-C” approach: our facilitators use case studies to bring to life the key concepts of an MBA which students then apply to a challenge.


The relatable examples help even middle-school students grapple with complex ideas and the project-based approach allows them to demonstrate their understanding through direct application.

To have good prospects in life—to be most likely to succeed—young adults now need to be creative and innovative problem-solvers.

Tony Wagner

Author, Most Likely to Succeed & Harvard University

Help your child get ready for a successful career.

Imagine your child working on Amazon’s business strategy in the wake of Walmart’s acquisition of Flipkart.

As they grapple with the decisions a business leader must make, they improve their own personal decision making and become a potential entrepreneur.